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Where Do I Even Start?

When you start to declutter... sometimes we get stuck...

This is a transcript of my podcast .episode. enjoy!

“OMG.... where do I even start??” You look around your home and just think about how much there is to do and how you just do NOT want to even get started.

I get it. I am staring at this microphone.. this brand new shiny gaping hole of a podcast.... and have the exact same anxiety... overwhelm.... fears... and just quite honestly I have had to MAKE myself speak this first sentence. See, we are all the same. We all have the same doubts and same thoughts about doing something we just are not sure how to do.

Now I have absolute confidence in myself as a podcaster... and I am absolutely confident I can help you get your home organized... so why am I freaking out about speaking words out loud into this shiny gaping hole of a podcast?

The same reason you are freaking out about that pile of clothes on the floor... or the pile of dishes on the counter... the clutter all over the table, the dr

essers, the floors.... you just get stuck.... like I have "writers" block. You have clutter block. I mean you literally know how to pick up som

ething and put it in a box and take that box to the local dump or charity. You know how to... so why is it so hard?

It is simply because you just do not know where to start. It is too much. Just too much.

I get it. That is why we take tiny baby steps.... tiny baby steps that will move mountains.

Now, I know there are people out there who tell you to block out an entire weekend and just purge everything...

there is some merit to this method. But have you ever tried to do a crash diet like only drinking cucumber water for six days and you lose like 40 pounds because you can’t stop pooping.... well no shit Sherlock.... but now what? You think because you lost 40 pounds in six days your life is suddenly better and you will never gain a pound ever again?? Um, no.

Like I have this thought of “If I sit down and record 112 podcasts, I will be a famous home organizer and Netflix will call me for a show and I will never have to lift a finger ever again to have success...” Um, NO.

It is the same thing with cleaning your house. Some methods say to just go in and purge everything in the whole house in one day and your life will be better forever. Because you will never buy another purse, shirt, book, pair of shoes, backpack, makeup, new shampoo, cat toy, kid toy, holiday decoration, kitchen gadget, coffee mug.... you get the idea. Of course, that is ridiculous.

If you want to learn how to organize your home because you want to be someone who is not embarrassed to have friends over.... maybe you want to be someone who takes pride in your home... maybe you want to help teach your children how to keep a tidy home... maybe you just want to stop looking at that pile of shit in the corner that you keep thinking you will get to one day... if you want to start figuring out how to be a tidy person, stick with me. I will help you. Step by Step.

You do not have to do it all today... or even tomorrow.

You will learn how to take tiny doable steps to get your home in order. We will talk a lot about the easiest methods, the methods that you can make actual cash while cleaning up, and the methods that will create permanent habits of keeping a clean house.

Are you freaking excited now??? I am! Holy Shit! I just recorded an entire podcast. Hmmmm.... all I had to do was start. Interesting.....

Are you ready?? Let’s do this!

The Hoss Lady

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