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October Monthly Challenge - Week Three

Deep Dive into The Hoss Lady October Clothes Challenge: Week Three This Month we are focusing on downsizing our wardrobes in order to make room for the cooler weather clothes!!! Week One we started small with socks and undies... Week Two we got a little more complicated with T-shirts and Jeans - how did you do? Any drama? THIS WEEK - let's shift the focus more to the closet with dresses and blouses!!! Remember... each item you pull out, I want you to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Have I worn this in the past six months? (twelve months for seasonal clothing like heavy sweaters or holiday-themed items)

  2. Does it fit? Like, really fit. When I wear this, I feel confident and comfortable.

  3. Am I holding onto this for sentimental reasons? If so, is having this (insert whatever kind of thing it is) more important than my present state of mind?

Thought work for this week: Folks (especially women) get very emotionally attached to clothing. They associate their clothes with memories or feelings. Are you holding onto old work clothes from when you used to go into the office daily, but now you only go in occasionally because you work remotely now? There are so many people out there in need of nice work clothes for job interviews and appointments... consider donating to a women's shelter!! That will be a much better emotional memory to hold onto. Are you constantly buying new chunky sweaters because you love them but can't seem to part with of the ones you already own? Try to consider this - if you want to keep them all, you need to wear them all. So, over the next 60 days, wear each one at least once. If you don't wear it between now and December 15 - go ahead and donate the ones you aren't wearing. Remember you don't have to keep clothes because you have an emotional connection to them. The clothes aren't the memories. You can grab that memory any time you want and you don't have to have the clothes anywhere near you. Week Three: October 15-21 Day 15 - Long-Sleeved T-shirts - these are just the casual t-shirts you own... and just like short-sleeved t-shirts, you don't have to keep them all. If you own a bunch and want to keep some for a t-shirt quilt... go for it! Day 16 - Long-Sleeved Blouses - you know the fancy silky button-ups or the puff sleeves... anything like that. If you aren't working in an office anymore or if you don't have anywhere to wear these shirts, consider donating (see thought work above) Day 17 - Cardigans - here is your challenge for cardigans.... pull every cardigan you own and throw them on the bed. Then separate them into color. How many duplicates do you own? Are some of them a little worn and janky? Be honest with yourself. You might love them all and they probably all fit, BUT do you always reach for the same 2 or 3 cardigans and never touch the others? Day 18 - Sweaters - yeah... see thought work above. Day 19 - Vests - if you don't own any vests - you get a day off!! If you do, I want you to use the same method I talked about with Cardigans. Be honest with yourself. Day 20 - Sweatshirts and Hoodies - like sweaters, these can take up a lot of space in your closet or dresser drawers. Do you love having a huge selection of sweatshirts more than you love having a calm and chill closet? Imagine if you could get rid of even 4 hoodies how much room you could gain in your closet. Day 21 - Athletic wear!!! If you are the opposite of me and actually buy athletic wear for your workouts (since I only work out in whatever it is I'm wearing at the moment and there is never any rhyme or reason to that madness)... then keep what fits, keep what you feel confident wearing, keep the ones you always navigate towards and consider getting rid of anything else. Still not sure of what to get rid of? Still not willing or comfortable with these things? When you purchase my Audio Course called Total Home Reset with The Hoss Lady, you will have access to me and all the questions and answers to all of these issues in our weekly private pod group. Basically, for the price of a half-day session with a Professional Home Organizer, you get an immersive step-by-step guide from me to you through each room in your home.  Learn More about Total Home Reset Visit The Hoss Lady Website

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