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Let's Declutter with The Hoss Lady

But ... wait, what is a Hoss Lady?

Hoss... that sounds kinda... Dukes a Hazard, doesn't it?

So.... according to, a Woman Hoss is “a southern term used to describe a girl or woman who is an absolute beast at everything she does. As part of this beastliness, she is able to perform traditionally masculine tasks in such a way that renders her not butch but rather cool and sexy. All in one. She can be one of the boys and she can be a girly-girl princess, depending on her mood. But she is not, and I repeat NOT to be fucked with. She gets shit done.”

Alright. Now if you do not know my story or know anything about me.... that definition, be it a bit unofficial, is kinda spot on.

And it just happens to be the best acronym ever!! HOSS Home Organization Simplification Specialist. I mean, that is the most brilliant thing I have ever come up with and I have some great ideas! Modest much?

One of my favorite things in the world is to just organize and clean. It is a weird thing, really. I think it comes from all the times we were forced to move house over the years... I kid you not we moved 6 times in five years. And each time I would go through this massive purge.... it was the best feeling in the world to just get rid of STUFF!! And then setting up the new house was always sooooo much fun. I would plan it all out in my head weeks before the move and then when we actually got in the house, I would have everything set up within a day or so. So, I know... I KNOW this goes against what I spoke of in episode one... but listen, there are MANY ways to get your house in order... but where the real work comes in, is maintaining. And that is just what I do.

So... Home Organization Simplification Specialist. I want to help other families get organized!! I want to help other people learn how to part with their beloved crap and reduce the stress in their lives.... being a tidy person does not have to be a fantasy anymore.

I would rather teach folks how to manage their mind around their environments than go in a declutter everything for them. I think that is what makes me different from other home organizers. Give me a garage full of junk and I can clear that out and make that space functional again. But in a year from now, are you going to call me back and say... hey, it's a hot mess again. How is that helpful? You are probably kicking yourself and judging yourself for not being able to keep the space clear. That only puts MORE overwhelm on you. Soooo not helpful.

What I want to do is help you develop a mindset around making your spaces functional and maintainable. I don't believe it is always practical to go full-on minimalistic. my tiny apartment does not look like a hotel room - well, in size maybe, but in appearance - it is a home... it's cozy... not cold and stale and scary.

So... am I a beast at home organization? I like to think so. But I am also a person who has been in your shoes. I grew up in clutter. i still have moments of overwhelm when it comes to closets, drawers, rooms, garages... And I have set up some really helpful rules that allow me to get stuff done without judgment, without cheating, and without giving up.

By the way... those are my three rules... no judgment. no cheating. no quitting.

Today's call to action!!!

I want you to think of three people in your life that you have ever heard complain about not being able to keep their house clean and share this podcast with them.

Thanks for being here!

The Hoss Lady

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