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September Monthly Challenge

Tidy People Do Tiny Things All Day Long

I know I have asked this before. But it’s so necessary for you to change your mindset on how you identify.

Do you identify as a Tidy Person??

So many people just don’t believe this about themselves. Well, the good news my friend, is that what you believe about yourself does not have to be true - no matter how deep your belief is.

What if we just, for shits and giggles, decide we are tidy people for the month of September?

After all, being a tidy person is a lifestyle. It’s like telling yourself over and over again that you are a healthy beast every single day for the rest of your life. Eventually, you are going to start acting like a healthy beast.

Your brain is going to start to believe what you tell it.

So this month, I want you to identify as a Tidy Person.

With my help, you are going to learn some super Super SUPER easy tiny things to do daily that will make you a tidy person.

It doesn’t matter what condition your house is in at this time… we are just going to teach ourselves that we CAN be TIDY!!

I want to emphasize a couple of things for this challenge…

You are going to argue that these things will take too much time or take too much energy. I want you to argue back. NO…. actually this is a lie I am telling myself because I have made myself believe this lie. If I can make myself believe this lie, I can make myself believe the actual truth.

You are going to learn tiny little things to do each day. You can choose to do ONE thing each day…. OR…. you can start to snowball all the things. Each task (with the exception of one) is a daily thing.

In order to follow the Challenge, you need to be in the Clutter Free in 23 Group on Facebook, Follow me on Instagram @the_hoss_lady, or subscribe to this newsletter.

Now, I know I told you a while back that I would not be sending you a ton of emails to clutter up your inboxes. But I have had a request that I start sending these challenge daily tasks through email because some people are avoiding social media these days - and honestly, I can’t blame them.

So, buckle up!!!

We are going to make some HUGE TINY STRIDES in September.

All my best,

Becky, The Hoss Lady

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