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October Monthly Challenge - Week Two

Deep Dive into The Hoss Lady October Clothes Challenge: Week Two This Month we are focusing on downsizing our wardrobes in order to make room for the cooler weather clothes!!! Last week we started small... tiny steps. This week, let's take it up a notch. Are You Ready? Remember... each item you pull out, I want you to ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Have I worn this in the past six months? (twelve months for seasonal clothing like heavy sweaters or holiday-themed items)

  2. Does it fit? Like, really fit. When I wear this, I feel confident and comfortable.

  3. Am I holding onto this for sentimental reasons? If so, is having this (insert whatever kind of thing it is) more important than my present state of mind?

Thought work for this week: Are you holding onto clothes because "YOU MIGHT FIT INTO THEM ONE DAY" Stop that. Every time you open your closet or dresser drawers and you see clothes that no longer fit, that little bratty voice somewhere in the back of your mind will whisper, "you are such a failure because you got too big to wear those jeans... nothing in here fits you... you have nothing to wear and you will look terrible no matter what." Now, you may not hear that sneaky voice, but even still - keeping clothes that used to fit is only putting stress on your self-image. Just box them up and get rid of them. Keep them if you must, but don't keep them in sight. But the best way to feel better in your clothes is to only keep what fits and what you feel comfortable wearing. Week Two: October 8-15 Day 8 - Shorts and Capris - do you have a pair of shorts that you think are so cute, but when you wear them your thighs light on fire from rubbing so you never wear them?? But you kept them because they're so cute. It's time to say good bye to the fire thigh shorts. Bye Bye FIre Thighs! Day 9 - Casual Leggings - I don't know about you, but I own at least 10 pair of black leggings... each one fits differently and go with different tops and yes, I wear them - but not ALL of them. It's time to be honest with yourself and let some go. Day 10 - Pants (that aren't blue jeans) - casual pants... like fun colors or soft materials... just pants... try them on if you have to, but only keep the ones you LOVE, that fit, and you don't need to hem because they're too long and you bought them two years ago and they still have the tags because you keep forgetting to take them to your mother to hem. They need to go. Just go. Day 11. - Blue Jeans - oooofffff. Like T-shirts, people are so attached to their jeans. How many pairs do you own vs how many do you actually wear? Pick your favorites. Get rid of the ones that are not flattering or not comfortable and for sure the ones that don't fit need to go. Don't over think it, just throw them in the bag. Day 12 - Summer Dresses - summer is closing up... go ahead and toss out the dresses you didn't wear this season. If you didn't wear it this summer, the chances of you wearing it next summer are even less and decrease more each year. Save yourself the trouble of making this decision next year and just throw it in the bag. Day 13 - Formal Dresses - ladies... LADIES... why are you keeping these gowns? For real. Are you going to wear the same formal gown to more than one event? If so... you go and keep it. But if you go to the annual Holiday Party and you buy a new dress each year, just get rid of the old ones. You're not going to wear it again. Sell that thing on Market Place or at Consignment if the thought of "losing all that money" makes you sick. Day 14 - Winter Dresses - does it fit today? Will you wear it this winter? Where will you wear it and when? If you can answer those questions without hesitation, keep... but throw them in the bag if there is ANY doubt or pause in your answer. Still not sure of what to get rid of? Still not willing or comfortable with these things? When you purchase my Audio Course called Total Home Reset with The Hoss Lady, you will have access to me and all the questions and answers to all of these issues in our weekly private pod group. Basically, for the price of a Half Day Session with a Professional Home Organizer, you get an immersive step-by-step guide from me to you through each room in your home.  Learn More about Total Home Reset Visit The Hoss Lady Website

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