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May Monthly Challenge

Hey friends!!

As someone who “manages” with ADHD, I have taught myself over the years that when I have systems in place for keeping up with things, I am much more likely to be productive and perform at a much higher level.

One of those systems started years ago… in the bedroom.

I decided one day that I was someone who would make the bed every morning.

And to you this might seem pointless… but listen, it changed my whole life.

So, I used to be someone who would snooze the alarm 13 times before rolling out of bed, throwing on whatever outfit was clean, run a brush through my hair, and if I was lucky, I’d have time to put together a lunch and even better were the days when I could make myself a cup of coffee.

I was either flying into the parking lot of work on two wheels, or I was beating myself up because I forgot something at home - which happened a LOT!

But I started to realize that all of these things were choices. I used to think it was the world against Becky.

Nope. It was Becky against Future Becky.

I didn’t see the benefits of having a productive morning routine. So, I chose to not create one.

Then I started really observing people who were super successful… and I started to hear about how these people all had a morning routine. It usually started with waking up early and going from there.

So, I decided hey… let’s try that for a while.

I set my alarm for 5 am.

Hated it. Hit Snooze.

Ok, next day, maybe let’s try again.

Hated it. Hit Snooze.

Repeat and repeat.

Ok, so finally I had an idea. I am going to put my phone on the other side of the room for when the alarm goes off. I will be forced to get out of bed to turn it off.

First day, I heard that alarm and in a frantic panic, I jumped out of bed to turn off the alarm. Then I turned back to the bed as if I were about to climb my butt back under those covers and go back to sleep. Well, all it took was that one tiny moment of standing up and looking at that bed to completely change my trajectory for the rest of my life.

I said, “no, not anymore.” and I walked over to the bed and made that bed. It took less than 90 seconds to pull the covers back up and straighten the pillows and my bed was clean and the thought of getting back in seemed destructive. Not just to the beautifully made bed, but to my goals of being a more productive person.

So, friends… this month of May… I want to challenge you to make your bedroom your focus.

I am not saying you have to wake up at 5 am to get your morning started.

But I want you to build a new habit. One new habit in the bedroom.

Some ideas are :

Make you bed every morning.

Clear off your bedside table every night

Leave nothing on the floor - at all. Put everything away even shoes.

Hang up and put away any laundry every day.

Hang up your jackets and bags.

Clean out one drawer or type of clothing each night.

Create a box to put in the corner and pull out one thing to donate each day.

Create a space you enjoy waking up to.

Just because your bedroom is “private” and not many people visit there, that is no reason to leave it off the list of spaces in your home to take care of. In fact, the bedroom is the ONE space in the whole house that you should be concerned with above all. Remember, our bedrooms are the first thing we see every morning and the last thing we see each night.

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