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March Monthly Challenge

Hey there friends!

I hope you guys did some amazing things in February. I know in our Facebook Group, there were several folks doing the Snowball Challenge and let me tell you how inspiring it was.

If you DID the Snowball Challenge, then you were able to get rid of quite a lot of junk and clutter.

If you didn’t do the challenge… that’s OK. You can pick up at anytime and do this challenge every month or every couple of months. There is no right or wrong. All you do is make a commitment to get rid of something every day for one month. If you can follow the number of the date, then go for it. But we just want to get in the mindset that getting rid of things is easy and something we can do every day of our lives.

Which brings me to our March Challenge.

The White Space Challenge!!

In March, you get to pick one, two, three, eight… however many flat surfaces in your home that you choose, and every single night before bed (or every time you are done with said flat surfaces), you are going to clear it off.

White Space is what we want to see. We want to see next to nothing on the flat surfaces in our house.

You can pick any of these places or select your own:

  • Your kitchen counters

  • Coffee Tables

  • Bedside Table

  • Desk

  • Dining Room Table

  • Bathroom counters

  • End tables

  • Entry ways

  • Couch, chairs, beds

  • Dresser / Chest of Drawers

Basically anywhere in your house where you see that “things” just get placed there and most often never get removed or put away.

We are not going for perfection here, so don’t feel like you have to spend 45 minutes a day doing this. Pick one at first… then add in another, then another. Or just stick with the one all month.

The point of this is to get your brain and your body in sync with creating a good habit of resetting your house or your spaces every day - or after every use.

If you have littles at home, you can get them involved. Assign each child a flat surface and have them “monitor” that space every day. We can teach them so much, by just offering this small task. It’s a game… not a chore. And show them the benefits of this work. Show them that it only takes a few seconds or at most a couple minutes to reset these spaces each night.

But don’t call it “cleaning!” Let’s call it what it is… a reset.

When we reset the space we are getting it ready to use again. It is a forward action. Rather than saying clean which gives it a “let’s fix the issues of the past” vibe.

To me it just feels better to think ahead rather than clean up the past.

So, what spaces are you going to work on first? Share with us in the Facebook Group. If you aren’t in that group, you can join here.

Let’s get to it!

Becky, The Hoss Lady

P.S. Loving these challenges? Ready to go next level? Hang on tight… you are going to start hearing all about an upcoming release, and you are not going to want to miss it. So, be opening the next few emails.

P.S.S If you know of anyone that might struggle with staying tidy or organized, ask them to join us and get on the list to receive this Newsletter. You can share this link with them here.

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