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June Monthly Challenge

Friends, do you get these newsletters and have a quick jolt of excitement, motivation, and frenzy to get on task this month and get your home organized… but then in like three days, the moment has passed and you’re sitting back wondering why you never finish what you start?

It’s OK. We all have moments like this, and whenever we start working towards a new habit or lifestyle change we only see the end result… the perfect version of events and how amazing our life will change.

What if we are focusing on the wrong thing? The end result is great… but it’s the daily work… the process of decluttering… the planning and goal setting that really gets us into action.

So, this month I want to give you a daily task. You get to choose the room in your house that you want to work on. It can be a big room like your garage or a small room like a closet. It doesn’t matter. I will say, choose a room that is doable according to your schedule this month. Lots of folks go on vacations in June, so keep that in mind when you choose your space.

But you’re going to pick the room you want to work on. And I will send you daily tasks to complete. I will post these tasks on Instagram (@the_hoss_lady), on my business FB page, and in all of my FB groups. All you have to do is NOT IGNORE the post! LOL!!

So, to get you a head start here is what the list of tasks will look like… and they might change a little as the month goes along to accommodate the flow of engagement.

June 1 - Set your goal - pick a room and create a plan

June 2 - Prepare for sorting and categorizing

June 3 - Take PICTURES!!

June 4 - Week One - Visible Surfaces

June 5 - Step One - Visible Surface

June 6 - Step One - another visible surface

June 7 - Step Two and Three - Commit and Reset the Visible Surfaces

June 8 - The leftovers that you’re keeping

June 9 - The leftovers that you’re getting rid of.

June 10 - Removing the leftovers

June 11 - Week Two - Small Hidden Spaces - drawers, bins, shelves

June 12 - Step One - clear out drawers and/or small hidden spaces

June 13 - Step One - clear out more drawers and/or small hidden spaces

June 14 - Step Two and Three - Commit and Reset the Small Hidden Spaces

June 15 - The leftovers that you’re keeping.

June 16 - The leftovers that you’re getting rid of.

June 17 - Removing the leftovers.

June 18 - Week Three - Large Hidden Areas - cabinets, closets, storage

June 19 - Step One - Clear out a cabinet or storage space.

June 20 - Step One - Clear out more cabinets and storage spaces.

June 21 - Step Two and Three - Commit and Reset the Large Hidden Spaces

June 22 - The leftovers that you are keeping.

June 23 - The leftovers that you are getting rid of.

June 24 - Removing the leftovers.

June 25 - Week Four - The Odd and Ends

June 26 - Plan out bins for a completed look

June 27 - Take Pictures of the decluttered spaces.

June 28 - Reach out and Ask for Help

June 29 - Share your progress online with the group you’re in.

June 30 - Sit back and relax and enjoy your new space.

So… again, you do not have to do these tasks on the days that I am sending them out. But you will be reminded daily to do one small thing.

Doing one small task a day is the best way to build that muscle of habit so that maintaining these spaces will be easy in the future.

Tidy people do tiny things all day long.

So you don’t have to do it all at once… you do a little each day and eventually your room or space is organized and then easy to maintain.

Join me on Facebook (Clutter Free in 23 with the Hoss Lady) and on Instagram (@the_hoss_lady).

All my best,

Becky, The Hoss Lady

Also, if you are ready to take the next steps and become a tidy person, I want to remind you that I do offer one-on-one online coaching where I help you overcome your obstacles, give you ideas and tricks, offer support, and just be there for a shoulder to lean on.

If you are interested in working with me one-on-one online, sign up at

Or if you need a very structured step by step guide to help you get your home decluttered, get my online course called “The Total Home Reset with The Hoss Lady” at

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