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July Monthly Challenge

Hello friend!!

In the month of June, we worked on doing a total room reset for the room of your choice. If you were participating, you have set yourself up for a solid month of July. If you were able to purge and get rid of things, your house is a little less cluttered and guess what… July is going to be the month where we do not bring anything NEW into the house.

Let’s do a No Buy July.

Don’t buy anything that is not a need. A genuine need. Like your life will be totally affected if you don’t have it. Like food. Shelter. Medicine. And no, clothing is not a need unless you are down to one outfit only.

Can you go a whole month without buying anything to add to the STUFF in your house?

If you think you want to buy something, take a picture or screen shot of it. Save it for the entire month and then in August, if you still want it, go for it. But make sure you have a need for it and that it will be used.

If you find yourself wanting to do an impulse buy… just ask yourself, “will my life change for the better with this… can I exist without it… if I bought it, where would it go and what can I remove to make space for it?”

If you don’t buy something you consider wanting to buy… keep track of how much money you’re going to save.

And yes, I realize that Prime Day is coming in a couple weeks. That is going to be your challenge. If you can name the item you NEED, why you need it, and you know it’s going to be on sale during Prime Day - well, I’ll leave that up to you.

So, as you can see… not a huge action month. In fact, this will be a “do not act” on a whim and fill up your online cart or your shopping cart at the store. Just decide now that you don’t need it and move on.

Ok guys, that is it for now. Have fun NOT SHOPPING and let me know how much money you’re going to save by taking on this challenge.

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