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February Monthly Challenge

February is my birthday month! I get super excited about this month… not because of my birthday, though. I mean… everyone has those. And also, my birthday is on Valentine’s day which can sometimes suck eggs. But… now that I have my Joe, it doesn’t suck near as much.

Anyway, the reason I love February is because we get to do the SNOWBALL CHALLENGE!

I’m sure you may have heard of the snowball debt method, and this is rather similar. What we are going to do is each day of the month, we will pull out the number of the date’s worth of items. (I have explained this a million times and I still have not found a better way to say it)

But… on February 1st we are getting rid of one thing. On February 2, we get rid of 2 things. On February 3, we get rid of 3 things… all the way until on February 28th, yes, we find 28 things in our house that day to get rid of.

By the end of the month, you are going to have decluttered over 400 things in a short 4 weeks.

Some ideas for what areas of the house you can pull items from are:

  • The pantry!!! Old food is still clutter.

  • Your sock drawer. The kids’ sock drawers.

  • Old Make-up

  • The garage (aka wasteland of things thrown away - out of sight out of mind)

  • The tool box (fight me on this, but do you need 6 screw drivers of the same size?)

  • Coffee mugs

  • Books

  • Hats

  • Medicine Cabinet

  • Storage containers without lids

  • Dry erase markers that are dried up

  • Desk drawer is FULL of clutter… paper clips, old notes, receipts, etc.

  • Candles that you don’t need

  • Old crayons

  • Shampoo and Conditioner you bought buy did not like, so you shove it under the sink. Yes, I see you.

  • That pile of mail on the kitchen counter.

  • Remotes to TV’s or Gadgets you no longer own or are broken.

  • Shoes

  • CLOTHES, but spoiler alert… March is Spring Cleaning the Closets and Wardrobes

  • Lightbulbs you don’t need because you just spent the past year upgrading to LED bulbs

  • Old home decor

  • Old flower vases

  • Bath towels with holes or stains

I could go on and on… but this list should give you no less than 400 items to purge in the February Snowball Challenge!!!!

Also, please share your progress on Social Media - tag the Facebook Group “clutter free in 23 with the hoss lady” and use the hashtag #snowballchallenge.

Get excited and let’s get to it!!

Becky, The Hoss Lady

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