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August Monthly Challenge

Holy cow, how is the summer almost over? What happened to July?

I don’t know about you, but I LOVED the NoBuyJuly! And again, I want to reiterate that the point of this challenge was not to shame you about how much money you spend or how much stuff you buy. I don’t care if you make purchases or bring things into your home.

I do care that you are consciously aware of the stuff you bring into your home.

So, hopefully moving forward you are able to take even just a moment’s pause when you make purchases.

And that brings us to the August Challenge!!

Home Office - Paperwork Hub - Back to School Reset

This month, I want to focus on creating a functional system for all papers entering your home.

In my Audio Course, The Total Home Reset, I walk you through the process of organizing your home office and creating a Business Hub or Information Station. This is an area that will centralize all office supplies and function as the space in your house where all papers come to be organized.

Papers that enter your house tends to be the most commonly requested area of help. Even living in the digital age, we still have so much PAPER that enters the house.

We just need a system for how to manage these papers.

This month, let’s really focus on getting a working system into place that can eliminate confusion about where papers go. And I mean everything from junk mail, to bills, to important documents, and even kids’ school work.

Some recommendations are:

  • Set up an Information Station / Business Hub in your home. (for a complete guide to do this, get my Audio Course, The Total Home Reset with The Hoss Lady.)

  • Create a Back to School routine that you can initiate immediately when school starts for the kids. This is going to help them start the year off with a new habit of putting all papers in one place - to be signed and returned to school or to be reviewed and completed for homework.

  • Put together some document binders for papers you need to keep. Some examples of binders are:

    • State Documents - birth certificates, social security cards, marriage licenses, etc.

    • Medical Records - immunization documents, lists of medications, special reports for specialists (documents that confirm the diagnosis).

    • Career Search - copies of resumes and letters of recommendations

    • Tax Documents - previously filed tax documents

    • Financial Documents - current year tax items - receipts, invoices, tracking, all the things

  • Set up a One Drive or Google Drive - some type of cloud storage - and scan important documents (same list as above) for long-term and easy access.

  • Take a few days to clear out your home office desk. What junk is on your desk that you never use? Do you have piles of papers that need a home? Do you save everything and do not have a place to store it so the piles just keep getting higher?

    • Take ten minutes each day to review old papers and shred, trash, or file. Only file away documents that cannot be replaced easily (tax documents, state documents, receipts, etc.) Bills, bank statements - those things can easily be replaced.

    • Spend 30 seconds at the end of each day clearing and resetting your desk spaces.

    • Only handle papers ONCE - if it’s a bill, pay it and shred it. If it’s something to keep, file it - don’t pile it.


Now, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of an Information Station / Business Hub to create a way for processing papers as they enter the house.

I also feel that setting up a system for school work that needs to be signed now before school starts, is going to help your child immensely on that first day of school. If you can create that habit NOW, there is a much higher chance of success as the school year progresses.

Still need assistance and want to get very specific help with your papers and home office chaos?

You have three ways you can work with me, The Hoss Lady.

  1. I offer online virtual sessions. You and I will work through these areas together in real-time via video call. You can book mini-sessions with me, an entire month's worth of calls, or go all in and do a 12-week deep dive with me virtually “by your side.”

  2. I offer in-person sessions if you live in the North Alabama, Middle Tennessee, and Southern Kentucky areas. I can come for a whole day or for several days in a row.

  3. I offer a DIY Audio Course called The Total Home Reset with The Hoss Lady. This is perfect if you want guidance on how to do the work, but on your own timeline, at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home alone. You have access to me for advice and questions and one-on-one assistance if needed. And you have support and accountability with others also going through the same things you are.

My passion is to help you get your life organized. I know how hard it is when you just can’t seem to get your crap together. I’ve struggled with ADD and depression, and I can tell you that the best way to overcome obstacles in life is to start with an organized environment.

The best way to calm an unorganized and chaotic mind is to organize our external spaces first.

Guys, I hope you enjoy this challenge this month. Please share with your friends and family - especially those with small school-aged children.

All my best,

Becky, The Hoss Lady

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