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A message from Becky 

As I was helping my mother clean out her closet one day, she looked at me and said, “you should do this professionally.” I laughed and poo-poo’d her suggestion because only people with real passion get to do the things they love. Also, I had zero confidence in myself.
But the seed was planted and like a wildflower, it grew so unexpectedly and fiercely that I could no longer push it away. 
When mom died in 2021 very unexpectedly, I realized that life is short. Way too short! I knew I needed a way to harness my gift of home organization and decluttering in order to fulfill the dream that I thought was impossible. 
After decluttering many spaces for other people, I quickly realized I was not helping. I was enabling. I had to find a way to TEACH a doable and sustainable method of decluttering and maintaining unlike all the other programs out there. 
I knew that every space and every person is different. There is no “one way” but there is one universal ideal that can help anyone willing to do it. And that is, “you have to learn how to stop judging yourself, stop cheating, and stop quitting when it gets hard.” 
In my podcast, The Hoss Lady, you will get some weekly tricks and tips. 

But if you're ready to lose the clutter and BECOME a clutter-free person, I suggest your wait no longer! Being tidy is no longer a fantasy. 

All my best, 

The Hoss Lady

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