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Well Organized Closet

Stop Cleaning. Start Living!

I help busy women who struggle with keeping an organized home so they can focus on the things that matter - family, career, hobbies, and more. 

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Monthly news letters, challenges, and downloadable guides,

completely free!

Audio Course

The Total Home Reset Audio Course is an immersive experience that will directly guide you through each room in your home

Book Your Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? This is a no pressure meeting where we can discuss all your goals, create a plan, and move forward with your new life and home!

Providing Home Organization Services to the Huntsville/Madison, Alabama and Murfreesboro/Nashville, Tennessee areas. 

We also provide 100% virtual services for those in other areas of the country!

The Hoss Lady wants to help you get your life organized! 

Hi, I'm Becky!

I am The Hoss Lady!


“HOSS woman” in the urban dictionary is a small southern woman who is an absolute beast at everything she does - sounds about right!

I am a mom, entrepreneur, podcaster, and as badass as that sounds... I have also managed life with depression, ADHD, and anxiety. 

By cleaning up my environment and mindset, I’ve changed my life for the better. I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed and stuck. And I know how to keep going when things get hard.


I'm here to help you push past those barriers and make your home a place a stress free place that you love to be!


How Does it Work?

Step 1


You have questions...

You have concerns...

You want to believe that your spaces can be saved.

I get it! Let's chat. I want to talk to you either via phone, zoom, or in person. This is an absolutely no pressure conversation just to get to know each other. We can discuss goals and your vision and decide how to move forward.


This is the fun part. Planning!!! We typically do this by coming to see the space that needs to be decluttered and organized. Pictures and Measurements will be taken. If an in-person visit doesn't work out, pictures and videos work just as well. I send you a form to fill out and you are able to upload the images and measurements of your space.

Step 2


On the project day, you will be greeted with a warm smile and kind words. This is very personal work, and you can have confidence that I am discreet, non-judgmental, and most importantly, I listen, offer advice and work WITH you to get the results you need. You deserve a space you can be proud of. So, let's get to it!  

Step 3

The Hoss Lady organizes bedrooms, kitchens, playrooms, living spaces, garages, some attics and storage spaces, closets, and more - The process is easy!
What you can expect when you work with the Hoss Lady:




eliza after 2.jpg




"I was so inspired, I did most of my master bath closet on my own... but don't worry, I still have plenty more to do when you come back"


"I am so excited to have my garage back in order. I have pulled my car in and out a few times today and am amazed! It feels good to not worry about it. I am still in shock every time I go out there."


"I love how Becky does all the work for me. She comes in, assesses and only involves me once everything is easy to look at and ready to be tossed or kept. My home has never looked better"


"Becky helped me rescue my office from too much clutter and a lack of organization. My office is now a welcoming space that I want to work in. I am even sitting at my desk now to address my Christmas cards."


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